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Emergency Medical Evacuation


So you've called the hotline of your domestic medical insurer and they've told you that you are covered for emergency medical situations overseas. You figure you are in good health and so you'll take a calcualted risk regarding non-emergency situations. You don't need to waste money on travel insurance on your upcoming trip. Right? Think again!

You are potentially exposing yourself, especially if you are traveling to a remote location, or one with inadequate hospital facilities.

Say you are traveling to a first class resort on one of the beautiful islands of the Maldives, and you injure yourself while diving. However, there is no hospital on your island, not to mention ambulance service. The only way to get the appropriate treatment is if you are evacuated by air to Southern India, 400 kilometers away. Such a service will cost about $40,000, as the evacuation company is located in India and will have to make a round trip. What do you do then? While your insurance carrier back home will cover the treatment, they refuse to cover the transport costs.

A good stand alone emergency medical evacuation plan will fill in the gaps of your domestic coverage. A good plan will not only pay for your evacuation, but will also arrange for the service on your behalf in the minimum amount of time necessary.

Aside from emergency evacuation cover, a good plan will include:

  • Emergency reunion - the reasonable travel and lodging expenses of a relative or friend during an emergency medical evacuation
  • Return of Mortal Remains - in case the injury/illness results in death
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Trip interruption - in case of a death of an immediate family member or the substantial destruction of the your principal residence, the plan will pay to return you to your area of principal residence
  • Returning Minor Children - in case a child is left unsupervised due to your injury/illness, and needs to be returned to his/her home country
  • Lost Luggage
  • Political Evacuation And Repatriation - in case a travel advisory goes into effect after your arrival, and you need to be transported to a safe place or your home country