We cover you as you cover the globe

Taking the Guesswork out of Travel Insurance and Expatriate Medical Insurance

Every year, hundreds of millions of people travel overseas or live outside their country of residence. 

With the cost of healthcare escalating around the world, it is imperative that you insure yourself in case of injury or illness in a foreign country. 

My Global Cover, Inc., is an insurance agency whose sole purpose is providing travel insurance for travelers and international medical insurance for expatriates. 

We take the guesswork out of travel insurance and expat medical insurance.  We steer our clients to policies that are most suitable for your specific needs, underwritten by insurers rated highly by the Standard & Poor's and/or A.M. Best rating agencies.

Aside from our standard policies that are geared towards travelers and expatriates, we have several suitable for niche clients, such as seniors, pregnant travelers, missionaries, marine crew members, foreign students and educators, as well as adventure sport travelers. 

Let us help you take the guesswork out of travel insurance and expatriate medical insurance.  We invite you for a free non-obligatory Personalized Instant Quote.